Want to build or renovate your home in Italy ?

If you decide to build or renovate your home, you know that there are many opportunities to find your dream home

Phoenix Green Buildings can help you bringing you dream to life, creating a new building or renovating an existing one, with all the characteristics that fit you lifestyle and with the use of environmentally friendly materials and energy efficient solutions.

Design your home …

Building a new home that is right for you, or buy and renovate an existing one, it will not be a problem.

Phoenix Green Buildings designs and manufactures passive houses, giving you the opportunity to participate in the design, choice of materials and the best solutions for your every need.

Green Buildings

The peculiarity of our property, is to be energy-efficient structures, which combine the latest manufacturing techniques with the classic taste of the houses of the hills.

Using environmentally friendly materials , our realization have optimal comfort and air-conditioning costs very low.

Buy a house designed and constructed with materials more efficient, it is advantageous and economic from the point of view of consumption, and allows a real estate revaluation in time.


Solutions for your home

We use innovative materials that allow us to create buildings are easy to construct, and with low costs and high thermal efficiency, anti seismic and maximum comfort.

We study together with you the design and choice of finishes that best suit your style, using only quality materials, which ensure the durability and environmentally responsible manner.

Through the use of the most modern construction techniques, and the use of thermal insulation systems for high performance is ensured maximum comfort and energy savings.

The use of heat pumps air / water and solar thermal panels, air conditioning and makes possible the production of ACS using the energy of the surrounding environment by reducing costs.

Le Marche

Le Marche is a region of central Italy, where history, culture, countryside and climate help to create a unique and extraordinary world that is worth exploring and living.

Brands have a diversity of landscape and territory that extends from the rolling hills alternating with valleys, up to the beautiful sandy beaches of the Adriatic Sea.

The historical and cultural heritage of the region, including many works of art, are present everywhere and for lovers of good food does not have a single typical Marche cuisine, but a variety of tastes and flavors, depending on the position of the different countries.


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