Building Class A

A house in the Class A ranks in the top step of the classification efficiency (the same that we all know why this visually, for example, the washing machine or the dishwasher). The energy class is calculated based on how much fuel is consumed per year per square meter of heated area and the energy class is the least expensive. As a result, the properties belonging to this group are among those low energy’ in which the living comfort is combined energy savings.

The energy consumption of housing is measured in kWh / sqm. A house in average condition today consumes about 150-200 kWh / sq m while the constructions based sull’ecoedilizia can reach consuming less than 30 kWh / m² and are referred to as passive houses’. In practice, this difference in consumption translates into a less expensive energy bill for the owner of the apartment and a lower energy costs for the state. The European Union, this method of construction makes it mandatory from 2020.

Attention to the environment

Care for the environment is one of the cornerstones on which we base our philosophy. Taking advantage of all those construction techniques aimed at environmental protection and energy saving, we want to ensure real benefits to the environment and those who inhabit the property. Containment of consumption has a positive impact both in terms of economic and environmental. A property with a high thermal insulation and a solar energy system, drastically reduces the costs of heating and cooling, without polluting the environment.

Our properties are equipped with energy certification: an official document issued by an external company (Energy Certification). The energy performance certificate has the task of increasing the transparency of the real estate market, providing the purchaser of the property all the information on the structural characteristics and the energy costs of the building.

Energy saving

The particularity of our properties is to be energy-efficient structures that combine the latest manufacturing techniques with the classic taste of the housing of the hills.

Using environmentally friendly materials, our construction have a comfort ottimanle climatizzzione and costs very low. Aquistare a house built with materials more efficient and economical, and it is advantageous from the point of view of consumption and allows a real estate appreciation over time.