Hills dream

Between sea and mountain

Phoenix Green Buildings mainly operates in the area of the Marche and Abruzzo regions.

A territory where history, culture, landscapes, climate and cuisine contribute to create a unique and extraordinary world that are worth exploring and live.



The Landscape

A visit to the sea until you reach the inner areas of the Apennines, offers visitors the chance to enjoy a peaceful, orderly and peaceful atmosphere.

Brands have a diversity of landscape and territory that extends from the rolling hills alternating with valleys, up to the beautiful sandy beaches of the Adriatic Sea.

With regard to the nature, the region is rich in national and regional parks and protected areas. The park of Monti Sibillini and Monti della Laga, due to their shape, they offer a performance ideal for trekking enthusiasts.

Parks plus large expanses of vineyards, orchards and crops that surround the typical houses of the Marche, where you can taste wines and genuine products.

Where to go

The historical and cultural heritage of the region, including many works of art, are everywhere. This is due to the fact that each city was ruled by his lord or prelate and artists who worked at their courts moved from city to city leaving their artistic wealth.

In the various cities of art you can still breathe a medieval atmosphere, just get in Ascoli Piceno to admire its famous Piazza del Popolo in conjunction with various palaces, such as the beautiful villages of Offida, Ripatransone ..

Moving further north you can visit the ancient port of Ancona, a city that still retains the important monuments and a cozy beach.

For those who also loves to go to the sea, the Marches offers a coastline of wide sandy beaches such as San Benedetto del Tronto, Groton, Cupra Marittima, until you get to the area of the Conero.

What to taste

Brands do not have a single typical cuisine, but a variety of tastes and flavors, depending on the position of different countries.

Inland you can taste dishes of meat (lamb, pork, beef and wild boar ..) combined with mushrooms and truffles.

How you can find tagliatelle pasta dishes, such as macaroni Campofilone, traditional vincisgrassi and many other prepared with fresh pasta and herbs.

Along the coast are the master dishes based on fish such as various soups, stir-fry all’ascolana, grilled fish and first fish.

Do not forget to taste the famous are then stuffed olives (olives stuffed with meat and then fried), various cheeses, cured meats and lots of sweets that each country offers.

All this can be accompanied by wines such as white Piceno Ascoli Falerio Hills, Rosso Piceno and Rosso Piceno Superiore, and finally the cooked wine, stored in barrels, and the anisette anisette.